We would like to welcome all of you to RJ's Legacy page.  We are here to celebrate the life of RJ and to keep his memory flowing amongst us all.  Anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting RJ, knows how much of an amazing kid who was so full of passion for life and all it had to offer.

Some of you may not know that shortly after RJ was born, he had to endure and fight through open heart surgery on several different occasions.  Now most of you may not have known that having seen RJ as such an active full of energy child and teenager.  Baseball, running, and paintball were just some of his favorite sports to play.  There was no such thing as giving up because he was too small.  Instead he stepped up and made his presence know with his skills and ability as well as his strong personality and love for family and friends.

Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles gave him that second chance at life when he was born.  Because of their remarkable ability, we were blessed to have RJ influence us all.  We are here to help other children make the same difference.  Help give others a second chance to live a healthy life.  In dedication of RJ, we will be inviting all to come celebrate many events that we will have planned to raise funds for Childrens Hospital, to help support the growth of our future generations through scholarships for our athletes and scholars.  We are coming together to make that difference and to share and celebrate the life of RJ. 

Thank you all very much for your love and support, and we hope to see you soon.    

"Remember kid, There's Heroes and There's Legends.  Heroes get remembered but Legends never die.  Follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong."
                     -The Sandlot